Yuanhao Sun

Yuanhao Sun


About me

Sun is a really patient person who can try his best to do work well. Beside the academic research, he wants to enrich his own knowledge about the European history and culture.

  • Also he likes to work in team and he has good cooperation skills. He doesn’t hesitate to take responsibility. If something is really necessary, he

can learn very quickly.

  • He is looking forward to getting a program for joint student during PhD’s study.


2018.9- present Ph.D. student. Nanjing Agricultural University China Agricultural --Bio-environment and Energy Engineering

2016.9-2018.6 M.S. Nanjing Agricultural University China --Agricultural Engineering

2012.9-2016.6 B.S. Nanjing Agricultural University China --Automation


Applying Mobile Crowd Sensing in Smart Agriculture (2018-present)

  • Designing task allocation mechanisms based on real environment of farmland.
  • Optimization algorithms base on JAVA.
  • Simulation experiment based on real data.

Automatic leveling system of plough-rotary tiller (2016-2018)

  • Designed a new automatic leveling method.
  • Data processing based on MATLAB.
  • Performance test based on fifield experiment.

Academic activities

Attended conferences

  • ACM Turing Celebration Conference-China (TURC 2019), Chengdu, China, 2019.
  • Embedded Wireless Systems and Networks (EWSN 2019), Beijing, China, 2019.
  • National Computer Application Conference of China, Tianjin, China, 2018.


  • Teaching Assistant, Computer Aided Design(CAD), NAU, 2019.9- 2020.1.


  • IEEE Systems Journal.


  • Y. Sun, W. Ding, L. Shu, Y. Zhang, K. Li, Z. Zhou, and G. Han, “Applying Mobile Crowd Sensing for Data Collection towards Smart Agriculture,"IEEE Communications Magazine (Under review)
  • Y. Sun, W. Ding, L. Shu, K. Huang, K. Li, Y. Zhang, and Z. Huo, “When mobile crowd sensing meets smart agriculture: poster," Proc. 2019 ACM Turing Celebration Conference-China. pp. 49.
  • W. Ding, Y. Sun, S. Zhao, and J. Xiong, “Design and test of automatic leveling system of plough-rotary tiller," Transactions of the Chinese Society of Agricultural Engineering, Vol. 34, No. 17, pp. 25-31, 2018. (EI)
  • W. Ding, Y. Sun, and Z. Lu, "Automatic leveling of plough-rotary tiller," CN. Patent,No. 201820502324.9, 30 Sept, 2018.

Award & Certifificate

  • Scholarship for Doctoral Students, Second class, 2019 & 2018
  • Scholarship for Master Students, First class, 2017.
  • National Computer Rank Examination, Rank II, China.
  • National Computer Rank Examination, Rank III, China.
  • CET-4 & CET-6.
  • Driving license.


  • Football, Running, History, Travel