Activities in CCF

  1. Being a distinguished member of CCF, since 2020~.
  2. Serving as Vice Director in Computer Applications Technical Committee of China Computer Federation (CCF TCAPP),   2016~2019.
  3. Serving as TPC Chair in CCF National Computer Application Conference (NCCA 2015, NCCA 2016, NCCA 2018).
  4. Being a senior member of CCF, since 2017~.
  5. Being a member of CCF, since 2013~.

Conferences Organization in CCF:

  1. Lectures of “CCF enters universities” in Guangdong University of Petrochemical Technology, 2017.06.24, Maoming City, Guangdong Province.
  2. China Computer Application Conference & Big Data and IoTs in Industry Conference, 2015.09.25-26, Maoming City, Guangdong Province.


  • Annual Special Contribution Award of CCF TCAPP, 2014.

Activities in CCF Conferences:

  1. National Computer Application Conference 2019 (NCCA 2019), 2019.08.24 (Guest Speaker)
  2. National Computer Application Conference 2018 (NCCA 2018), 2018.10.13 (Guest Speaker)
  3. “When IoTs meets 5G” CCF YOCSEF Nanjing Forum, 2019.08.17
  4. Lectures of “CCF enters universities” in Shanghai Jiao Tong University, 2018.11.05
  5. “Internet of Things Engineering, Promising Future” CCF YOCSEF Guangzhou Forum, 2018.10.20
  6. Lectures of “CCF enters universities” in Dongguan University of Technology, 2018.10.20
  7. Lectures of “CCF enters universities” in Nankai University, 2018.07.19
  8. CCF Big Data Technology and Application Forum & the first Computer Professional Teaching Seminar, 2017.09.21 (Guest       Speaker)
  9. China Computer Application Conference & “Internet Plus” Data Science Conference, 2016.10.09-11
  10. CCF Changsha and CCF YOCSEF Changsha Joint Forum, 2015.11.19 (Guest Speaker)
  11. China Computer Application Conference & Smart City and Big Data Conference, 2014.09.26