Ru Han

Ru Han




Research Interest

Computer vision、Object detection、Image processing and recognition.


Education Experience

9/2023 - Present Ph.D. student, Nanjing Agricultural University, College of Artificial Intelligence, Intelligent Science and Technology, Nanjing, China.


9/2018 - 7/2020  Master, Jiangxi Normal University, College of Computer and Information Engineering, Computer Science and Technology, Nanchang, China.


Work Experience

7/2020 -  7/2023

Research Assistant, Nanjing Agricultural University, College of Artificial Intelligence, NAU-Lincoln Joint Research Center of Intelligent Engineering, Nangjing, China.



Part-time teacher,  Jiangxi Vocational College of Applied Engineering, Pingxiang,China.



Admin Assistant,  Anhui Construction Supervision Co., LTD, Hefei, China.


Awards and Honors

5/2016 The First Prize of Jiangxi Provincial Mathematical Modeling Exchange Competition and College League.

11/2016 The First Prize of East China Jiaotong University ACM Programming Competition.

12/2016 The Second Prize of Mathematical Modeling for Undergraduates in Jiangxi Province.

9/2018 Outstanding Graduates, Jiangxi Normal University, College of Computer and Information Engineering, Nanchang, China.

12/2019 Outstanding Volunteer of Colleges and Universities of China Image and Graphics Society, Nanchang, China.

Research project

  1. 1/2021 - 12/2021 Participant, Researches on the Core Problems of Tea Chrysanthemum Efficient Harvesting Machinery, High[1]end Foreign Experts Introduction Plan, Ministry of Science and Technology of the PRC, 350,000 RMB.
  2. 1/2021 - 12/2021 Participant, Research on Information Security of Smart Agriculture, Nanjing Agricultural University international cooperation capacity enhancement plan, 30,000 RMB.
  3. 1/2021 - 6/2023 Participant, Research and Development of Equipment and Key Technologies of Solar Insecticidal Lamp Internet of Things, Jiangsu Agricultural science and Technology innovation fund, 300,000 RMB.
  4. 1/2020 - 12/2022 Participant, Research on Deep Semantic Feature Extraction Method Based on Visual and Linguistic Description for Fine-grained Classifification under Weak Supervision, Jiangxi Municipal Natural Science Foundation, 60,000 RMB.
  5. 6/2019 - 6/2020 PI, Multimodal Cycle-consistent Zero-Shot Learning Based on Unbiased Embedding, Provincial Innovation Fund Project for Postgraduates, 6,000 RMB.



Read literary works, Various ball sports, Play mahjong, Writing, etc.



  1. 1/2020 R. Han, J. Liu, M. Wang, Speech enhancement based on spectrogram conditional generative adversarial networks, Eleventh International Conference on Graphics and Image Processing (ICGIP 2019). Vol. 11373. SPIE.


  1. 12/2022 R. Han, L. Shu, Z. Wang, X. Wang, Farmland Boundary Extraction Technology Based on UAV Images, International Conference on Identification, Information and Knowledge in the Internet of Things (IIKI 2022) .
  2. 2/2023 X. Wang, L. Shu, R. Han, F. Yang, G. Timothy, X. Wang, H. Xu, A Survey of Farmland Boundary Extraction Technology Based on Remote Sensing Images, Electronics.


  1. 4/2023 S. Zang, L. Shu, K. Huang, Z. Guan, R. Han, V. Ravi, J. Bao, X. Wang, Y. Zheng, Y. Chen, Image Dataset of Tea Chrysanthemums in Complex Outdoor Scenes, Frontiers in Plant Science. doi: 10.3389/fpls.2023.1134911.




  1. 5/2019 Boqin Xu, Ru Han, A High-performance Pedestrian Recognition Automatic Passing Equipment, 2019207488156, China.