Qin Su

Qin Su


Education Experience

9/2021 – Present Ph.D. student, Nanjing Agricultural University, College of Engineering,Agricultural Big Data and Internet of Things, China

9/2018-6/2021 Master,Shanxi Agriculural University,College of Agricultural Engineering,Agricultural Engineering,China

9/2013-7/2017 Undergraduate,Shanxi Agriculural University,College of Engineering,Electrical Engineering and Automation,China


12/2019 Excellent graduate students of Shanxi Agricultural University,
Shanxi Agricultural University

Research project
9/2018-12/2020 Participate,Energy saving and efficient precooling and industrial intelligent storage
equipment for fruits and vegetables, National key research and development plan of China

Research Interest
Big Data, Physical Safety of IoT Equipment, Non-Destructive Testing by Nir Spectroscopy,Computational Fluid Dynamics




03/2021 Kai Huang, Lei Shu*, Kailiang Li, Xing Yang, Yan Zhu, Xiaochan Wang, Qin Su. Design and Prospect of Anti-theft and Anti-destruction of Nodes in Solar Insecticidal Lamps Internet of Things. Smart Agriculture, paper
(黄凯,舒磊*,李凯亮,杨星,朱艳,汪小旵,苏勤.太阳能杀虫灯物联网节点的防盗防破坏设计及展望. 智慧农业(中英文), 2021, 3(01): 129-143 )

11/2020 Qin Su, Yingmin Chen, Huikang Bai,Haiyan Song. The effect of CFD-based hole
uniformity on tomato precooling performance, Food and fermentation industry,paper