Chao Qi

Chao Qi


Education Background

2019.09 – Present Ph.D of GradeOne, Agricultural Electrification and Automation, Nanjing Agricultural University, China

2017.09 – 2019.06 M.Sc, Agricultural Engineering, Nanjing Agricultural University, China Major courses automotive electronics, engineering testing, embedded technology, etc.

2012.09 – 2016.07 B.Sc, Electrical Engineering and Automation, Nanjing University of Information Science & Technology, China Major courses digital signal processing, analog signal processing, automatic control principle, C language, etc.



2019 Third prize of academic scholarship of Nanjing Agricultural University 2018 Second prize of academic scholarship of Nanjing Agricultural University

2016 ThirdprizeofacademicscholarshipofNanjingUniversityofInformationScience & Technology 2015 ThirdprizeofacademicscholarshipofNanjingUniversityofInformationScience & Technology 2014 ThirdprizeofacademicscholarshipofNanjingUniversityofInformationScience & Technology 2014 First prize of debate competition of Nanjing University of Information Science & Technology

2013 ThirdprizeofacademicscholarshipofNanjingUniversityofInformationScience & Technology 2013 Excellent officer of the outreach department



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