Xuanchen Guo

Xuanchen Guo


Xuanchen Guo


2015.9 - 2019.6 Bachelor's Degree

  •          University: Nanjing Agricultural University
  •          Major: Electronic Information Science and Technolog

2019.9 - present  Master's Degree

  •          University: Nanjing Agricultural University
  •          Major: Agricultural Electrification and Automation


  • Second-Class Scholarship- NAU, 2016
  • Excellent Student Cadre- College of Engineering, NAU, 2016
  • Excellent League Member- College of Engineering, NAU, 2017
  • First Price- China Undergraduate Mathematical Contest in Modeling(CUMCM) in Jiangsu, 2018
  • Science and Technology Innovation Award- NAU, 2018
  • Second-Class Scholarship- NAU, 2019
  • Outstanding Graduates- NAU, 2019


  • 2016   House Property Management Information System

Designed a software with VC++ to help intermediaries and sales offices better manage real estate information.This system, lnking Access database, provided the function of adding, deleting, modifying and searching real estate information

  • 2016.9-2017.1   Participated in “Wireless Charging Research Group”

Learned about the knowledge of wireless charging and calculated the parameters of some electronic components used by the group

  • 2019   Video Monitoring Software

Designed a video monitoring software with MATLAB, which provided the function of analyzing whether there are pedestrians in the video selected by the user and marking the pedestrians in the video.This software used HOG & SVM to complete Pedestrian Detection

  • 2015-2019   Participated in Internships in The University

Welded an electronic radio. Designed a keyboard with Protel. Participated in metalworking internships