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School Profile

Located in the well-endowed historic and cultural city of Nanjing, Nanjing Agricultural University (NAU) is a national key institution of higher learning, directly affiliated to the Chinese Ministry of Education. Famously known for its established disciplines in agriculture and life sciences, NAU also offers balanced, comprehensive programs in diverse branches of learning, including sciences, economics, management, engineering, humanities and law. NAU is a university covered by the 211 Program and has been selected as one of the Innovation Platforms for Outstanding Disciplines listed under the National 985 Excellence Initiative Project as well as one of the institutions of higher education chosen to develop world-class disciplines under China’s Double First-class University Project.Over the past 100 years, the university has cultivated more than 200,000 outstanding talents, including 54 academicians of CAS and CAE.

Recruitment of Research Team Leader

1. Research Teams

(1) Automatic Picking Robot;
(2) Plant Phenotypic Information;
(3) Solar Insecticidal Lamps Internet of Things;
(4) Agricultural Automation and Agricultural Internet of Things Fault Diagnosis;
(5) Photovoltaic Agriculture Internet of Things;
(6) Artificial Intelligence Sensor Networks;
(7) Agricultural Big Data.

2. Requirements Major

(1) Artificial Intelligence;
(2) Internet of Things / Internet of Things Security;
(3) Agricultural Automation;
(4) Big Data, Cloud Computing;
(5) Other Related Directions.

Recruitment of Postdoctoral Position

1. Requirements Major

(1) Internet of Things Engineering;
(2) Sensor Networks;
(3) Big Data, Cloud Computing;
(4) Other Related Directions.

2. Research Contents

(1) Information Physical Fusion System (Agricultural IoT,Complex Heterogeneous Network Fusion);
(2) Big Data and Cloud Computing (Process Data Mining,Massive Data Processing of Agricultural Environment and Resources);
(3) Intelligent Robot Control System (Forming of Complex Components,Application of Agricultural Automation);
(4) Image Processing (Real-time Monitoring of Agricultural  Production Process and Environment,Machine Vision Technology, Information Fusion Technology).

3. Requirments

(1) Doctors of relevant majors, and no more than 35 years old;
(2) Have good English writing ability, and have published at least one SCI paper as the first author.

Contact Information