Recently updated on: 2021-03-02

NetTopo: A framework of simulation and visualization for wireless sensor networks

Network simulators are necessary for testing algorithms of large scale wireless sensor net works (WSNs), but lack the accuracy of real-world deployments. Deploying real WSN test bed provides a more realistic test environment, and allows users to get more accurate test results. However, deploying real testbed is highly constrained by the available budget when the test needs a large scale WSN environment. By leveraging the advantages of both network simulator and real testbed, an approach that integrates simulation environment and testbed can effectively solve both scalability and accuracy issues. Hence, the simulation of virtual WSN, the visualization of real testbed, and the interaction between simu lated WSN and testbed emerge as three key challenges. In this paper, we present an integrated framework called NetTopo for providing both simulation and visualization func tions to assist the investigation of algorithms in WSNs. NetTopo provides a common virtual WSN for the purpose of interaction between sensor devices and simulated virtual nodes. Two case studies are described to prove the effectiveness of NetTopo.


  • Manfred Hauswirth: provide fund and resource to support the development of NetTopo project
  • Lei Shu: motivate the development of NetTopo and design the functions of NetTopo, implement the TPGF algorithm
  • Chun Wu: design and implement NetTopo’s basic framework, implement the GPSR algorithm
  • Yuanbo Han: futher extended the mobility module and the CKN sleep scheduling algorithm
  • Baihua Su: implement the CKNplus sleep scheduling algorithm
  • Zhihong Sun: implement the DeGas scheme
  • Xiaoman Ran: implement the DV-Hop localization with sleep scheduling
  • Yuhui Dong: implement the TPGFPlus algorithm
  • Likun Hu: implement the irregularity module and private cloud based extension
  • Di Wang: implement the partition algorithm
  • Wei Fang: implement the energy-harvesting based sleep scheduling algorithm

Learning documents

NetTopo installation documentation and software environment