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Recently updated on: 2023-12-01


Looking for Faculty Members, Full-time Researchers, Post-Docs, Visiting Scholar, Ph.D. Students and Master Students.

I recently started a new research center in Nanjing Agricultural University, Nanjing, China, named "NAU-Lincoln Joint Research Center of Intelligent Engineering". Within this new research center, I am currently looking for 5 open-rank full-time faculty members/researchers, a good number of Post-Docs and Ph.D. and Master Students. If you are interested in working with us in this new research center, please send your CV to the following email addresses: lei.shu@ieee.org and lshu@lincoln.ac.uk. Post-Docs can start as soon as possible when the candidates are selected.

Research Interests

  • Solar Insecticidal Lamps Internet of Things
  • Photovoltaic Agricultural Internet of Things 
  • Agricultural IoTs, Agricultural Big Data, and Agricultural Equipment Monitoring  
  • Green and Wireless Energy Transfer
  • Self-adaptive and Dynamic Control  
  • Dangerous Area Detection and Urgent Evacuation 
  • Industrial WSNs and Fault Diagnosis 
  • WSNs with Environmental Energy Harvesting 
  • Localization in Duty-cycled and Sparse WSNs 
  • Wireless/Mobile Multimedia Sensor Networks 
  • Geographic Multi-path Routing, Cross-layer Optimization in Wireless Sensor Networks 
  • Duty-cycled Sleep Scheduling Algorithms 
  • Wireless Sensor Networks Simulator and Testbed Visualizer 
  • Sensory Data Management and Sharing 


  • Ph.D.  – Computer Engineering, National University of Ireland, Galway, Ireland, 2007.2 – 2011.2
  • M.Sc.  – Computer Engineering, Kyung Hee University, Korea,2003.3 – 2005.2
  • B.Sc.  – Computer Science , South Central University for Nationalities, China,1998.9 – 2002.6


  • Dean – Nanjing Agricultural University-Beyond Intelligent Phytoprotection Research Institute, 2022.11 – present(Link)
  • Founder and Director – NAU-Lincoln Joint Research Center of Intelligent Engineering, 2017.10 – present(Link)
  • Distinguished Professor and Ph.D. Supervisor – College of Artificial Intelligence, Nanjing Agricultural University(NAU), China,  2020.09 – present(Link)
  • Distinguished Professor and Ph.D. Supervisor – College of Engineering, Nanjing Agricultural University(NAU), China,  2017.10 – 2020.09
  • Lincoln Professor and Ph.D. Supervisor – the University of Lincoln, UK, 2016.6 -present(Link)
  • Executive Director – Guangdong Provincial Key Laboratory of Petrochemical Equiptment Fault Diagnosis, China,2012.10 – 2017. 10
  • Specially Assigned Researcher  – Department of Multimedia Engineering, Graduate School of Information Science and Technology, Osaka University, Japan, 2010.1 – 2012.3